About Us

The CTKRM Kingdom Convergence Fellowship:

This is an apostolic organization designed to offer quality sacred covering for independent churches and ministries. CTKRM Kingdom Convergence is an expanding local and global network of like-minded Apostles, Prophets, Episcopates, all Five-fold ministries, including Laity within their leadership sphere. Together in covenant partnership and under the apostolic oversight and visionary leadership of Chief Apostle McQueen, those affiliating with CTKRM Kingdom Convergence will share in a divine mandate to help advance God’s Kingdom in the earth and affect the destiny of churches, communities, individuals, and nations.

The Vision of CTKRM Kingdom Convergence:

  • To recognize, develop, release, and publicly acknowledge through ordination, emerging 5-fold leadership.

  • To provide avenues for the teaching and imparting of current truth revelation, through facilitating and coordinating regional, and international conferences and gatherings and leadership roundtables.

  • Develop teams to send out for breakthrough intercession, leadership training, and deliverance ministry.

  • To be a kingdom resource base through the use of audio/video materials, web-based and social media resources and additional materials that will inspire equip, train, and help maintain the soundness of Christian doctrine

  • To develop strong partnerships and interactive alliance amongst ministries that will produce powerful synergy.

  • To encourage and help equip women in ministry to develop their calling and become all that God has ordained them to be.

CTKRM Kingdom Convergence Affiliation:

  • You may affiliate as a 5-fold minister, or if you are the senior leader of an independent church, you may affiliate yourself as well as your church.

  • You may affiliate with CTKRM Kingdom Convergence even though you also are still connected with a denomination, or other ministry/church organization or fellowship. Your purpose for affiliation with CTKRM Kingdom Convergence is to receive training, teaching, equipping, growth, and opportunity for kingdom connection.